Going in accordance with the saying " A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the plate", we decided to make a stop by a local chocolaterie on the way from school. After all, the weather was nice, there was a lot to talk about (two school trips in one day - an old fort camp for a boy, and a flower festival for a girl. need I say more?), so the hot chocolate stop for kids sounded just about right, especially, since it's been forever since we've done any sort of a special treat. 

^^ they 'eyed' those marshmallows for about 10 minutes. but we have a "1 thing at a time" rule, and hot chocolate was voted my the majority ( because mom's vote counts as two, right?)  ^^

^^ so patiently waiting and observing. i was impressed.^^

^^ the line and placing an order YOURSELF is the best thing ever when you are 4^^

^^ 'whas zis?' is the new addition to her vocabulary, and i am blown away. we also answer about 200 of 'was zis'-s a day. ^^

^^ a lesson: do not let the 1 1/2 year old choose the color of the chocolates. she'll take them ALL. ^^

^^ she is too small for her own, but we shared a little too. turns out she is not a fan after all ^^

   Rainy, sunny, warm or cold,  stop by a chocolaterie or a coffee shop with a friend , book or just by yourself. It is so nice to have a little break to talk, think and enjoy the moment, even if it is just 15 minutes. 


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ps: for those asking: this stroller is a Stokke Xplory in black melange with a life-saver footmuff and an equally loved blanket.

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