Paskha in San Francisco


Христос Воскресе!

Christ is Risen, dear Friends!

May this bright Easter holiday bring the blessings of love, happiness, peace and all good there is. God's blessings are many - may each of them find a way into your home as well.

Though not really much of fans for huge celebrations, Easter  ( or Paskha as it is called in  Eastern Orthodoxy) is one of the biggest holidays for us. The meaning behind it and the preparation through , sometimes very physically demanding, Lenten services deepens the understanding a little more from year to year.

There aren't Easter bunnies in our family that come, and although we love the US and incorporate many ( almost all ) traditions, this particular holiday we've decided to keep pure. The biggest gift there is is God's love of itself. As years go by, it is so humbling to see how the children gain the understanding of it and their already kindest hearts grow a little bigger. We are very human and I have to sort through at least 10 arguments between them at daily, but the vibe changes around the end of Lent, no denial here.

This year's calendars aligned for Orthodox and Catholic churches making the celebration double the beauty for all.

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^^ we started the day early. very early. and yet again i reconfirmed to myself that there are a few things more beautiful then the mysterious rolling fog and the sun rising from behind of it ^^


^^my not so little sailor. his little mind is developed beyond the years. we spent a good half hour talking about the Count of  Monte Cristo because Alcatraz was visible from the Pier ^^


^^ a faithful Stokke Sheepskin is such a necessity day in and night out. so glad it finally is available in US! ( i coveted it for YEARS, seriously) ^^


^^ perfectly warm with a touch of a breeze - can't wish for a better weekend weather when running last minute errands on the Saturday before the midnight service ^^

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^^ and can't make a coffee shop stop without spending at least 10 minutes ( but more like 20 really ) admiring the Mr. Giggles ( or Mr. Adorable - you pick). i mean - those smiles? I could stare for hours at his little face and not get bored ^^

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^^ i don't know who was more excited to get to the Ferry Building : the kids for jello art, or me for cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. if you are ever in SF , and like food, the Ferry Building won't let you down ( and walking on the Pier will burn the calories in no time too! ) ps: isn't the UBRAN BLUE Crusi beautiful?! (sibling seat is from our Scoot )^^

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^^ i love the Easter service. from the evening before and the transformation from dark to light at midnight is breathtaking and inspiring. this picture though is somewhere around 3 am or later, when most of the crowds were gone... i couldn't believe my eyes how many people came to the service. the candle shop worker ran out of candle holders in the first hour, and he said they had a box of a 1000 ^^

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^^ the morning Easter Breakfast ( and lunch, i guess too, because that's about the time we end up being done with it ) is absolutely delicious every time. those 40 days of waiting really pay off ! ^^

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^^ this little guy is a PRO at cracking eggs, as we found out. he simply picks them up and drops them. wins every time. ^^

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^^ all comfy and stylish, and no more fighting as to who gets to sit ( of give up ) his or her Stokke chair. now there is something for someone ^^

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^^ uncountable thank-yous to the man who put on an apron and made this year's Easter feast stress-free for me. Last few weeks were extra busy, with some 32+ hour long working days and same day flights here and there - so rest and no worries about cooking was just the doctor-husband orders were. love at its truest right here. ^^


^^ the blessed Paska and the eggs, flowers and branches - all symbols of new life. may this year be full of light and happiness for all ^^

PS: yes, the blonde happened last week. instagram knows it first!