Please, welcome...

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to ... Les Femme MODA

 I wanted to start an every day style series for a long time... I love experimenting, combining, creating and expressing. I believe in STYLE, or MODA. Fashion is something that is created out from one's expression of their personal style. That is how I see it.

After much hesitation and inner debate , I gathered myself up and here it is. I hope you enjoy what we have to show. Believe me, we ALL put a lot of thought, care , heart and soul into every day. Our dress is really nothing more, but an expression of how we feel that particular morning. And by WE I mean all of us , girls. Les Femme MODA unites all ages of beauty, from young to wise, and my little fashionistas put much of their little hearts in what they chose to wear ( with, really, very little of guidance). I hope you enjoy it just as much as we loved putting it together for you!

And that is how we roll:

 Photography copyright Les Femme Moda
Coat, bag : anthropologie. Jeans: current/elliott. Boots: miz-mooz. Scarf : rosebush theology. 
Girls. Coats : gap kids. Hats : nyc street vendors. Scarves: united colors of bennetton.

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