R13 Denim : designer to love

 If I have to pick a staple of my wardrobe - just one - it would have to be jeans.  Today's fashion world of jeans provides a very broad variety of choices, and  when done right , jeans can take you everywhere : from office to sexy night out to a weekend with friends and so on. 

 As a stylist, I come across many brands and styles. By nature , I am a chameleon, and constantly explore new designs. With experience I automatically note similarities in the stream of denim. In the last 10 years the designer denim niche exploded to extreme proportions with nearly EVERYONE making their own denim line, and finding something different and well-done nowadays is becoming more and more difficult.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I came across R13 line ( shown here ).

Inspired by the rebellious spirit of America and the intrigue of unwavering authenticity, R13 launched in Fall 2009. Evocative of our revolutionary stock, R13 reflects the essence of the Gadsden flag. The icon bears a rattlesnake with 13 rattles and the timeless steadfast motto, "Don't Tread on Me".

R13 brings seasonal essentials to life for the story of their intriguing muse. She is introverted, creative and full of fire. Instinctively a step ahead, she effortlessly dictates cool and emanates a little rock and roll. She's subtly elusive, never panders and is incredibly confident. Her face is masterfully make-up free and her hair-perfectly unkempt. She's tough, somewhat androgynous and always exudes sexiness.

       You can see and feel it in every pair and style made.  Launching their first menswear line in 2010 and building their collection with subtle rock-and-roll-inspired design details and finishes, they have traveled the globe to source the finest materials and factories for the production of their subsequent collections. With cotton from Japan and denim cut in Italy, no expense is spared, and that’s precisely why these iconic styles continue to look so good.

   R13 is one of the very few designer lines, where the true authenticity of what jeans are supposed to be like is still alive : they are sturdy and durable that will serve you for years ( none of the ripping of your belt loops or rubbed-from-wear holes) and the secret of european cut is amazingly flattering. While running on a rather pricy side for a current collection ( but it's a worth while investment really), you can find a much more affordable choices at gilt (get your invitation if you need one) , yoox, ssence, and  barney's.

My currently favorite styles are Back Seam Skinny ( super cool silhouette - no side seams ) and weathered skinny



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