Dance is a healing place for me. 
It's a happy place I go to no matter what/no matter when - be it a studio where I physically work myself,  my little barre at home, making up pieces of choreography to new music popped into my ears while I'm out and about, or simply ... dreaming. I dream about dance and endless pirouetting, weightless leaps, and all things beautiful and impossible that my imagination wants to recreate in life and through my body. 

Radu Poklitaru is one of the very few people that will always have a special place in my heart. 
Down to earth, extremely kind and an absolute modern genius of choreography ( and not only in my eyes), he taught me much about myself, dance and TRUE expression. Once of the amazing people who influenced my dancing life in a very significant way. 

Radu Poklitaru is one of the most gifted young balletmasters in Europe, whose art enraptures the audience and evokes great controversy.

 His name first became known in the late 90-s when Radu`s short productions, singled out for their flexible approach to the art of dance, musicality and dramatic structure, were winning first prizes at a number of International ballet contests. 

The choreographer has created about twenty 1 act and full-length productions, all of which have been staged in many theatres such as Russian Bolshoy Theatre and Russian Chamber Ballet `Moscow`, and the National Opera Houses of Moldova, Latvia and Byelorussia. Radu Poklitaru enraptured Kyivetes by his choreographic approach to 1 act ballets such as `Pictures at an Exhibition` based on Modest Mussorgsky’s music and `The Rite of Spring` (`Le Sacred du printemps`) by Igor Stravinsky staged in the National Opera House in Kyiv, as well as by his unique production of opera-ballet `Le Forze Del Destino` which embraces the classical vocal and expressive contemporary dance art (this project was implemented by Vladimir Filippov Art Fund). 

 Each work of the choreographer is an experiment and search for novelty attracting the audience by its unexpected approach to world-renowned theatrical plots, innovation and enrichment of contemporary dance, while remaining true to the music. Every production aims to show the complicated inner workings of the human psyche. 

 According to Radu Poklitaru he appreciates free dance, which denies nothing, and embraces every dance style: `If I find a classical move that makes the point, then I use it, just as I will use a movement from modern dance. When one has no taboos, ones palette is richer. It may seem to be eclectic, but when I use many styles I feel truly free.

Performances by Radu Poklitaru have been staged at International Musical Festivals and tours in Great Britain, France, the USA, the Netherlands."

There are no words to describe his creations, but to see.

Modern day Fosse ...

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