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Some more thoughts. Pregnancy. I must say that I hate being pregnant and love it at the same time. There is nothing like a nausea and throw-up to make you want to double your birthcontrol, but there is also nothing like a little "wormy" in your belly that kicks and stretches to make you want to be pregnant again. I know I'll miss it when the baby is born. I really doubted if I wanted to be pregnant for the third time considering how sick I get. But I did. And while for some of the things it is the hardest pregnancy, I must say, that being 100% raw definitely helped me. Once I figured out how to listen to my body properly, I am pretty good about understanding what the baby needs. Not once those things made me sick. I learned that any craving - chocolate, conventional ice-cream, thanksgiving turkey , etc, etc - are not really the body needs. They are our emotional attachments. If to give in, i KNOW i'd regret dearly and pay for it by being very sick just after eating ( tried and proven twice) . So, again , not a body need, but an emotional attachment. Kind of like a kid gets attached to a teddy bear or a blanket. Interestingly enough, I found 2 very successful remedies for that: a good green salad ( or juice , or smoothie - I just love salads :)) and/or a cup of good herbal tea ( hey - raspberry leaf is always great while pregnant!) and a comfort movie/book. Those ALWAYS work. the salad fills the nutritional need - because sometimes our body wants/needs something, but we misinterpret the signal ( like wanting candy is usually a sure sign of starving for nutrition body. ) And the salad definitely covers all those areas. I usually find that after a salad I don't really want to eat anything any more. Things don't looks so good in my imagination or don't smell so good either ( if the downstairs are making something :)). The other one - a cup of tea and movie/book - also works great. Gives me that comfort that we need sometimes. But no hard "payback" later.
Another things - despite of the problems ( and again - unrelated to health, just the accidental things, just like with my other 2 pregos - so , despite of the problems, the baby has been doing so well. Actually, the best of all so far. I took the liberty, and after careful thinking and consideration I decided not to take any commercial ( and definitely RX) vitamins. My husband and I researched, learned, thought and decided that correct nutrition is much more beneficial then vitamins. You'll pee them out anyways, so why pay so much to just get an expensive pee, and plus , stuff the body with the by-products that cannot be processed properly. Chemicals are chemicals however you look at that. So, I got the wheatgrass, chlorella, rejuvelac, kombucha and definitely juices and salads. And interestingly enough, once I discontinued to take my prenatals, within days I started to feel much better. I realized, that my "living in the bathroom , not wanting to go anywhere and just die" pregnancies before were probably the bodies reaction to vitamins ( even thought I tried about 100, and was using the most natural ones, STILL - they don't grow on the tree, they are not 100% natural). A pregnant body is very sensitive to pollution. DId you know, that morning sickness if the way the body deals with excess toxins? The crazy thing is not to try and mellow it down with pills and stuff, but to let it run its course ( kinda what docs tell you when the baby get a flue rash - just let it run its course, it will be better that way. ). While it maybe hard initially, it is much better for you and the baby. This is the first time when I dared to do so. And I must say, while I REALLY wanted to die at first - i mean I really get sick - the process was faster and I started to feel better or was able to manage everything much better. The results for the baby - according to the U/S this is the healthiest and the best growing baby I had so far ( my babes always seem to slow down growing at the end - nobody really knows why) .AND while this time around I have a problem with placenta ( it did not attach properly at the beginning, and still is that way), the perinatologist was really concerned about the baby getting enough through this placenta, she is growing like a mushroom after rain. I know , that it is the proper nutrition and proper exercise too. I tried to educate myself the best I could on the natural pregnancy and birth, and while I don't know if I will be able to have a natural birth ( just some kinks... Although, I really wanted to ), I am still happy that at least my body will not be as overloaded with chemicals as it could be if I continues with my $32 a pill treatment for nausea and $80 a bottle prenatals. I hope that my body responds to whatever labor procedure will be ( I am thinking , it will probably have to be induction again) faster, and we both - Justin and I - are definitely very firm in standing out our desires of "no-no"s during the labor, that are really not necessary , but are there most of the time because of the "routine". So, will see how the labor goes.

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