Saturday Morning: Chocolate truffles

Although Living Notes from NYC mostly focuses on style and fashion, I thought it would be fun to add a new feature : Saturday Morning series. We all need to unwind from a crazy busy week anyway. Besides, we also like to entertain on Saturdays. Why not to double task and enjoy a wonderful morning and use the same recipe for guests later, right?

From childhood, I loved waking up early on quiet Saturday/Sunday mornings. My mom had that coveted magical touch where she could turn any ordinary wholesome ingredient into something extraordinary delicious.

 I cherish those early morning memories.

I hope Saturday Morning series will help you create yours too.


This is one of the classic recipes that was frequently repeated on Saturdays/Sundays in our home. I was very happy to find a simplified but extremely healthful and delicious version on the site of one of my friends who is an amazing actress and just as amazing of a chef  ( who i admire , love and respect).

It's simple, fast, wholesome and delicious. Need I say more?

250 gr/ 5 oz or one bar/ dark chocolate ( as dark as you can get) 
85 ml heavy whipping cream
85 ml milk *if hosting adult party, try scotch whisky instead - it will add creamy consistency and amazing flavor*
rum flavoring
2 Tbsp cocoa powder


Break chocolate into pieces and put in double boiler to melt * do not touch until completely melted- chocolate does best when left alone*

once melted - take off the heat and add cream, milk *or whisky* and rum flavoring. keep mixing until smooth consistency ( if clumps appear, return to double boiler for a minute)

refrigerate for 2 hours * best overnight*

sift the cocoa powder 

use a spoon to get a portion of a chocolate mixture, form into balls, cones or whatever you like, roll in cocoa powder 

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend! 


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