Show & Tell

Bits and pieces from the instagram (@livingnotes):

This week was crazy busy. In between the teaching, learning, rehearsing, working, writing, walking ( of course! ) , schooling, shooting we've tried to spend as much time outside as we could. I cannot believe the weather outside - can't help but wonder if we lucked out this year or if the real thing is still to come. So, we're ceasing the moment just in case.

This little face makes me smile 100, 000 times a day. Agree - how can it be otherwise? Absolutely loving the Lulu wrap from Ellemnop! Best ever ! Double points for man-friendly colors. Some little pouting going on too - I swear kids communicate on some vibrational levels between each other. Who's teaching who , though? 

One is pouting in the stroller...

while the other one is pouting right behind it. Who was first?  No idea.

I can't believe how big my little man is... I was editing some pics ( you don't want to know. I have over 5000 that need editing, and they are not family pics either... ) and found some ( additional to those 5000) from just the last year. My heart skipped a beat: there was a BABY looking at me there, and there is a growing young man here... I am not ready, not ready, not ready... I had to snatch a glance of him waiting in the alter during the service last week. Melts my heart how serious he is in waiting to be blessed for his robes - best ever altar boy!

He looks 21 to me here. I want to cry...

 On other notes...

If you are around, come hang out! I can't wait !

Perfect Photo app is my new best toy ( because I REALLY have that much time, right?) Love !

I accidentally put the wrong film into Diana for the style shoot. Not what I was expecting, but cool looking nonetheless. I am completely sold on old fashion cameras - zero editing and such artistic outcome.

I'm extremely excited it's Friday - though when am I not, really? Arts, museums, walks, pictures (SLEEP) are in plans. How much of those plans actually will come to life depends on this little face: 

Do you have any plans for the weekend? What do you like to do? Or wish to?

A new love and must share

From all my heart...