Show & Tell

This week flew by insanely too fast. So very busy ( but busy is good). We've spend a lot of the time finishing the upgrades on the blog - if you haven't seen my upper/side links yet ( or if you HAVE clicked on them and had a lovely face like this looking at you 

it is no longer there , but is replaced by actual information that it is claimed to be there. You can only see that thoughtfully loving face in my shop button , which I am working suppa-fast to create and update this weekend. Promise! Email me if you want to ask me more - I'm happy to answer!

I really cannot believe how fast time is flying. Someone , help! I am looking at the four of them, and refuse to see what I am seeing. I am listening to them talk, and can't believe what I am hearing. They are growing up so fast. And I don't want them to. I want the magic button to slow time , so that I can soak in MORE of them.  But is it EVER enough though? How can you get enough of that handsome ( and already 21!) face ? Makes me sorry for the next generation girls, he's a heartbreaker - inside and out. Or tenderness that a sweet Nadya has? Honestly, a princess from a fairy tale : sweet, tender, petite.  And that tongue sticking face... that is SO her! Sincere, open, very determined , queen of mischief ( I seriously check for a tale and a spear every night after she's asleep, but nope - haven't found them yet. she is my child) that has a heart as big as a universe and a place for everyone there. And then of course - the attachment in a blue suit. That smily face kills me. Nothing gets done around the house ( by me at least ) at the moment, because I can't get enough of those toothless smiles, baby giggles and squishy hands. She rolled over yesterday when I was making the bed, and heaven's yes, how much I'm hoping that someone helped her! Because she really was only born yesterday, and I am yet to write her birth story.

But secretly -and thought I hate to admit it to myself - I am glad there is no such thing as a pause button. Mine would be endlessly engaged, although... then I'd never get to talk about who's marrying who ( with proposals set n' done!), never know that a frog says " frogit" ( and the way it's said sounds like a frog is cursing. Complements of tongue sticking wonder. I'm telling you, she's somethin') and just never know the depth of love a mother's heart can have. But most, growing up makes them happy. Which is the most important after all.

Here are some more bits and pieces of our fav things . Diana in the bookstore, walks and just life :)

Have a happy weekend! I think I'll be posting over the weekend more, I only have 1001 project to do.

What are your week-end plans? Any projects?

PS we are having another giveaway sometime this week. Tune in - it will be great! ( hint - stylish!)

A weekend wrap up...

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