Show & Tell

I'm launching new series SHOW&TELL. Inspired by my daughter's Friday school  and Bleubird Vintage bits&pieces, SHOW&TELL will take you through my week in pictures, my cool finds in weblinks, my ideas in notepad, or just show&tell something fun, interesting and inspirational.

I loved putting it together for you as I went through the week. This particular one was filled with some fun inspirational quotes on my instagram and pinterest (@livingnotes) , so here you go!

I loved this Valentine's DECORATION DIY
What an Awesome Idea!
Dancer or not , every one must know HOW
Love THIS bag!
My kind of COOL
If you are local, here is a great sale!

And here is a happy weekend from us to you! Have fun...

and get some Zzz's!

Hope you enjoyed it!

PS don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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