Show & Tell in bits and pieces.

We have been traveling alot ( I love my job!) , and whenever it falls on weekends, I drag everyone with me. What fun is it to be by yourself, right? So, here are some bits and pieces of our crazy busy ultra fun week!

Apparently, one day we color-coordinated in pastels for legs. Did not know until saw this pic. But I say 'yea!' for pink and mint!

I'm completely and totally sad that we still don't have one of these. it's a must have for any trip I take out of state. 
following the leader... to cheese & wine section ( for cheese only, obviously)

Blurry, but I could not not include - how cute is this? side by side! 

The weather has been nice and warm, even when cloudy. We, naturally, enjoyed it like this:

in picnics like this :

and outside lunches with daddy like this: 

went to the opening gala at city creek, if you are in town - worth checking out, definitely. little ladies were happy to get their "nordstrom special" ( and i even allowed them... sometimes it's ok, right?)

disney store line was worth just the happiness of those colored pictures: 

And he practically BEGGED me to push this beauty : 

 stroller : Stokke Xplory

very excited face...

that looks a lot like this lately : 

cannot forget our famous rubber ducky, featured here . you can find and follow me here.

peak into "thank you" photoshoot for "DVF for Gapkids" . We love you too, Diane!

And I've seen A LOT of this little face somewhere between hours of 1 and 4 am. Like for 2-3 hours at a time. I must have missed the memo, but I'm glad she let me know! Just look at this excited face. 
love her to pieces ( in case you haven't figured that out yet)

And this photo still makes me feel good. he thinks I'm funny. I love it. 

Want to link your bits and pieces? please , do! I'd LOVE to see into your world through your eyes!

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