Small reflections

As we live here longer, so many things appear so different. You know that feeling of waking up after a long, long, long sleep , and looking at everything around you , seeing the same things you've seen before, remembering them and then , with the heart full of happiness, going on with life again. That is what I feel. So many things that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, but that got pushed away because they didn't fit or for some other reason, are back from the forgotten drawer, and it feel fabulous. One must be self to be happy. There is no other way. Be self, please be self. Don't deny what is in your heart and soul that is YOU. There is much more to it, then just feeling good. I wrote that in the style blog, but that is one thing I noticed about French women, that always look SO BEAUTIFUL {Not kidding here. All for reals. Gorgeous}. And they are completely HONEST selves.

Being in real world also made me realize how young I am and makes me feel like one too. Such a contrary feeling comparing to being in UT, where I felt like I was way behind on having a large family, was too busy with work and career, and just not fitting the "right" frame. Don't get me wrong : i know plenty of people that are VERY happy with such life, and I personally thing that it is WONDERFUL. And that is exactly WHY it is crucial to ones happiness and HEALTH to be his/her honest self. Being among the people of the same age and seeing how busy they are with work/dating/life/fun and many haven't even started their FAMILY yet, just makes me laugh inside and makes me really feel happy, and actually AHEAD. I know that a large city is not for everyone, and know plenty of people that cannot stand it, but it is for me. And seems like my children too, since they are fascinated with it and keep reasking to make sure we are staying "for a lon-lon-lon time' { and the fact that they were willing to completely give up ALL the toys for the cause of moving to nyc says even more so}.
I love the business of the streets, I love the people , I love the multitude of cultures. I love being self again. I never knew now much I was missing until I had it back. Be self. Be happy. Smile.

A little splash of color

East and West. Interesting.