Some calculations :)

Ok, so all anti-rawies are saying that living ( aka raw ) food living style is boring, that there is nothing to eat, that you'll get really bored very shortly, etc, etc. Well... On the "" site ( check out my side links) - there are 3450 recipes. So , do some math. If you tried to make a new dish every day, just ONE new recipe, it would take you 10 YEARS to try everything! And mind you, they are adding on more and more almost every day. If you repeat favorites once, then - counting that the new additions come almost daily - you are set for another 10 years. And then we count the days when you don't feel like really making anything, and days when you want to have just a simple old salad, and days when you go out, and days when watermelon( or apples, or whatever) is all that you want ... then you are set for life! And THEN we remember how many other wonderful foods ( fruit and vegetables ) that are growing on a different continent that we haven't tried yet, and then the ones that we haven't heard about ( yet) ... Yeah... You would want to live at least 200 more years to just try everything. And then remember , that we also get really busy some days, and forget to eat...

Anyway, those that are saying that raw food is boring ... Think again. :)

Candy that's good for you!!!