Some fun bits...

We are very busy this week with the lent, work, travel and regular life, but I really enjoyed finding these pieces throughout the week, and I thought I'd share it with you today! I'll do our traditional "show and tell" later today, please, come back! But for now , here are some fun things:

Remember THE cat? Here is the continuation :

A-typical toys - very fun!

I want this matchbox

Her amazing clothing line sends me to the vintage memory lane ( not that I would know that time, but you know what I mean) Can't wait!

LOVE this style blog! Unique , interesting and refreshing! Sartorealist , of course, is as fab as ever!

This panda has been dragged quite a bit around our part of the world...

Are you ready for a St Patrick's party? Here is a great idea of how-to!

I love this article. All I can say ... I agree... Though, my life is probably the exact opposite, but given her situation and thinking, I'd do the same.

I am loving Prada, Burberry, Gucci choice of hair , Tory Burch for fall 2012.

If you are in liking with Tory Burch collection, you'll LOVE this!

I want to transform my kids room with these beds!

Best politician ever!

What it takes to make a violin. I love mine...

I have about 1000 & 1 thing to do this weekend, make all the trips necessary and more. While I am definitely looking forward to getting an extra hour of light in the evening and having a change of light in the morning ( it is getting annoyingly harder to get the makeup on with the current natural lighting) , I am not looking forward to loosing an hour of already very lacking sleep...

Taking after Bleubird, I'd love to see your bits & pieces of the week : comment with the link to your post for all to see! 

What are you doing this weekend?

Live your dream: Anastasia Volochkova, the "fat" ballerina

Bring in the spring.