Some support , please?

Hey there, Friends!

You have probably noticed a button over there on the right side banner -------------------->

My blog has been entered into a contest ( for the first time ever...) and so far I have the grand total of ... 0 likes. I am feeling a bit ... the opposite of excited at the moment, because, honestly, don't you think that this little face in the blue suit is THE most fashionable doll you've ever seen ? Doesn't it deserve to be clicked on at least once?  I'd mean a world to me if you "like" us on

Here is how to do it ( takes just a couple of seconds) :

* Head over Style Blogger page
* Scroll to find this little picture of the doll in a blue suit ( and me holding it)

* Click on the little gray heart in the upper left corner of out picture
* It will bring a "login with facebook" window - login
* Click on the heart again, so it changes from gray to pink - we've got your vote!

If I win anything, I will do a super giveaway - promise! But if we win your love with a few clicks , it will mean more then a world to us. Honestly.

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