Spicing up

I love living where I am because I am in and around everything I love, people of my culture ( actually BOTH : there are plenty of russians as well as ukrainians here. I speak more ukrainian here then when I was in ukraine ( minus the childhood, of course)), and they all ( almost all ) speak English, so my husband ( who is still learning, but progressing well) can understand everything that goes on around him.

When they say that you need to leave to understand and love what you have , it's true. It took me leaving, and leaving for good, to realize how much I actually love my culture. I am happy and proud ( in a good way) to teach my children everything - from the language to the tradition - of my roots. So that they can carry it on to their children. It is touching and beautiful to see how their little eyes light up when someone asks them where they are from, and both proudly announce " Ukraine!".

So, over the years I've acquired a few things to keep. I really wish I had a few kitchens , because it really is hard to decide which style is my favorite.

Here are some Russian flavors. Which would you put your spices in?

While many can be "love or hate" kind, I think the mushroom spice basket is just adorable. What do you think?

And the baby ...

Free cheese