The Election 2012 is at its end.

All my media feeds were filled with controversial updates, showing, very obviously, how much this particular election has affected the nation. The election is run differently where I grew up, every voice counts. But that nonetheless does not make the election process any easier. There are just as many controversies and disagreements. To those whose candidate won - my congratulations. To those, whose candidate didn't - don't feel like the world is at its end ( this is how ALL my feeds currently look). There isn't ever a perfect candidate, and there is always something good that either one has to offer.

 I think that this video from Stars and Stripes, one of the shortest, yet most challenging ballets to perform, is a very fitting addition today , whether to celebrate or cheer you up, it will do the job!

What do you think about the results? 

 (in all honesty, we did not have a strong feeling either way, so this turn out is neither a surprise nor a disappointment) 

I love my mornings ...

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