Style. What is that?

My days are filled in absolute amusement and surprise, admiration and respect. all in equal amounts. I see many people of different classes and races, cultures and ages. In my search for the answer, I see, many times over, that there is a deeper level then initial impression may be. Style has , less then more to do with fashion. Style is self. Expression, feeling , being. Fashion... is also expression , feeling, being. The difference is - owning or being owned.

Style and fashion are life's best mirrors. Just like in life, There are those that know what they want. And know how to get it, no matter now many dead bodies they have to walk over or dinners to skip. Then there are people that don't really know that they are doing, but they are happy to follow whoever said that something is cool. Whether it fits or doesn't, they don't know. They just do it, because someone said it was good for them. Lost, but happy to be so. And then there is the kind that is so scared to be either : too scared to be self, and too scared to admit that they are scared , and therefore, they pretend that nothing matters, loudly announcing that fashion is for fools, while secretly wishing they were among those. And then...

There are those that create it all. They are the people that are confident and secure. They care less what others think. They do what works for THEM, because they are too ... bored? to follow someone else or fit into someone else's standards. And... as crazy as it may be it just WORKS. Because then the rest are there to follow.

Style is life. Life is style. Make it be yours. Be too cool to care. Always.

An icon of perfection? Or...

It's my time now