The Magic of Winter

I love winters here.

A typical winter is in high 30s low 40s, with absolute gorgeous, fluffy, white heavy snow.
The sky, mountains and the horizon blend together into one beautiful stark white Wonderland. 
If there is one true "Winter Wonderland" that I dreamed as a child about - this is it. Warm enough to not really NEED the gloves, but chilly enough for snow to stay and for that steamy hot chocolate ( or coffee for some over here ) to be just about the best thing on the planet, at least for a moment or so.

We slightly detoured on Friday to play and snapped a few photos on the way from school, and tell me - is there anything better when you are a child then this right-out-of-a-fairy-tale magical place? Even as an adult, I could help but marvel at the beauty Mother Nature creates for us all. 

^^ the discussion about how to make a christmas tree cookie. because - christmas or no christmas, why not, right? ^^

^^ there is no definition where the sky line ends and the ground starts... it's all white, beautiful magic^^

^^ couldn't have forgotten about most important person's hands - Vasilisa is actually discovering snow for the first time ( last year she was way too small to care) . so far they've made friends^^

^^ and so did her doll ( that little "groovie girl" has some of my deepest respect for being to the moon and back and still holding up strong). the snow was definitely the hit ^^

...or, better, how IS your weekend going? since it is technically not over yet...

Do you think?..

Happy Weekend!