Things you should always have in Manhattan or our first taxi ride

Oh, the magical world of real life! We have not tuned in on the cues of weather. And , alas, we paid for it. Literally. Out of all the thousands pieces of advice we received, we have not heard anything about the weather ATTITUDE
The morning started nice and early. We were out of the apartment by 7 am, since I am gone all day long, I like to feed Yeva right before I leave for as long as she wants to ( and she WANTS to) 
The morning was perfect : sunny, blue skies, warm... I took a lunch break : we had splendid time together : beautiful afternoon. Kids headed back for the park as I went into a sunny studio... 30 minutes later a HEAVY downpour was flooding the streets of Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. And it continued to be so even at 6 pm when I was done. By 6:45 it was clear that the rain was NOT going to stop, and while we WERE smart so bring 2 umbrellas, we also were smart enough to understand that it is NOT enough to cover all of us for the 35 minute walk back home. I went back in my memory to the first day in NYC when we bought a stroller, and a suggestion of a salesrep to purchase a raincover, to which we answered : " Oh, later..." He looked surprised, but didn't press, and we were SO PLEASED with ourselves that we "didn't give into the temptation" of a "not really needed " object. We figured : small rains, not a big deal, a stroller hood would be plenty, a couple of umbrellas - we are all cool. Well, we learned : IN ROME DO AS ROMANS DO. Everyone carries umbrellas or raincoats. We didn't really have either. And little guy fell asleep on the stairs of my studio ( well, what else to expect if a little luvbug had to get up at 4 am UT time, he's still jet-lagged), and we didn't bring maya-wrap... Soo... We ended up getting a taxi. Justin had a lot of fun hailing down a cab. And then stuffing all 5 of us in the back seat. And then putting a stroller that is MADE FOR WALKING into a cab's trunk.  And then putting all the 1 000 000 bags that we had in the stroller in the same tiny trunk. And THEN... bobbing for 20 minutes in the end of the day traffic where it would take us 3o minutes to WALK (but it was raining , so we were justified). SOOOO... Going back to "IN ROME, etc ..." , tomorrow, we are going back to the store and BUYING the raincover. ALWAYS carrying enough umbrellas and/or raincovers ( I am actually observing that people here have HUGE umbrellas, maybe , I'll get one of those too). And... I am actually going to invest in a pair of flats. Crazy, isn't it? But... the truth is, that when it is raining here, you are getting very wet. So, might as well ruin a cheap pair of shoes. I am noticing that flats and flips are the most popular styles...

PS. We now know that we DEFINITELY DON'T want to own a car here. Ok with us... We never really were fans of personal transportation...

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