Today I am wishing and ...

 ... really loving :

THESE converse . They have them in baby sizes. I absolutely LOVE this red:
How about a little jumper? Navy goes so well with my blond little mermaid: 

And THIS T I need in every size. Seriously. 

Paired with jeans - nothing like a little man in color, right? 

And THESE are a must have - my mischief makers?! Play time all day every day is on schedule. 

And as far as mama goes : 

Roses have been on my mind lately, actually : 

This top is on my lust wish :
and so are THESE jeans ( and I wish my size was not sold out ...) 

Super cute, right? 

My heart resonates completely with  this very French look :

And Blue Melange Xplory would go very well with it : 

And this quote could not be more true: 

 Now, according to the quote above, I just need a bottom-less wallet. 
But I am not greedy. I'd easily settle for a pot of these : 


What's on your spring wish? Tell me or comment with the link to your blog post - I'd love to see!

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