Tuesday Wisdom

I may not be the Pinterest's biggest achiever, but I loved these quotes in my feed so much, I want to share them here to. 

Isn't the first quote the truth in its purest? Be real. Not perfect. I love that.

It can be ... interesting, to live surrounded by super-wives that whip up homemade Belgium- recipe chocolates with one hand while cooking 10 course dinner with the other, with 8th baby attached to her hip/back/front.  While pregnant. 

I personally stand for 2000 loads of after-summer "must-be-done-now" laundry, because I've spent the morning playing pick-a-boo for 2000th time or re-doing the dolly's hair for another 100th.

That's my reality today. I'll catch up on the laundry over the winter
 ( saves up on closet space anyway, right? )

Here are some more of the favorites:

 images via pinterest

I neither can nor want to pick just one - all thoughts are great in my opinion and I love them all.

( or a quote that is not here?) 

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