Weekend fun things

That quote is as if written for me , specifically this past week. 

I love weekends. They are usually overbooked ( but which one of my days is not, really?) , but I love being busy. We have about 1000 and 1 thing planned, which means we will hit at least 2. I'll tell you all about it!

 Here are some fun things from all over the World Wide Web: 

super fun baby announcement ( i may just steal the idea too) 

in case you missed it here , how to be a real good wife

best wedding advice ever. really best. i sooooo agree with #4! - the first one. ( just ask my hubby!)

believe it or not, but these candies are GOOD for you! ( munch away). and these + these are too!

awesome way of making kids eat healthier ( i want to make it for me!)

and while we are on the heath note, how awesome is this idea?

i am in love with this and this looks

and  this , this and this color combos

i'd love a dress like this for summer, and this skirt for all year round.

and since i started with a quote, i'll leave you with another one too. because it's also been as if written for me. and it's also very true too. 


have an amazing weekend!

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