When dreams come true

Best friends:

 Pregnancy is so beautiful...

That is what I call excited: 


As I mentioned on Friday, we had our dearest friends, that are - really - a family to us,  come visit us while they were on a pilgrimage to San Fransisco St John Monastery. (St John's life)
The timing could not be more perfect - Father Zosimas holds a very special place in our lives and hearts, and Father's Day will always have a different side to it for us now. 

I could not believe Daria - at 9 months pregnant making a trip from NY ( actually Boston for them now) to San Fransisco, to UT and AZ like its no big deal. Amazing! And amazingly beautiful.


Between church service, beautiful sigh seeing and visiting, the time flew by. Our house feels so empty. But our weekend was so unforgettable . We did not know if we would see each other again when we left NYC, because everyone's lives changed so much over the course of the last year, but we always wished for it.

Our dreams came true. We had a fantastic weekend.

I don't cry at weddings, ceremonies and such, but I had some tears as I walked through our much emptier house today. I loved every minute of our time together and wish that we all were closer to each other.


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