With Gratitude

A year has nearly completed. So much has happened, it would be enough to fill a lifetime, yet this is just, yet at the same time - whole - year. At this time last November I was waking up. I am so very grateful for the blessing of so many people that helped me to come today to where I am. You know who you are - thank you, and I dearly love you. You will always have a special place in my heart. Without you I would not be able to find courage to do what my heart and soul were longing for. You've helped me to really see the miracles faith does. I've felt my Saviour Divine hand, again, with your humble help. You opened the Divine door to life for me when I gave up and settled for a threshold. You helped me to feel Divine Mother's love, you've helped me to come back to being ... just me.

I am so ever grateful for the Divine Love from Saviour, Divine Mother and Father - for loving teachings , for comfort and peace. I found my home. Or, actually... I just came back. I look back with gratitude , and with gratitude, happiness , peace and love, I go forward. My life hasn't changed. It is only now that it has become mine, filled with gratitude and candle light. Now , complete.

Dear Santa...

Busy working